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Begin branding and marketing yourself and your company today by asking and answering these questions:

1. Who are we and what do we stand for?
2. Why did we start this business?
3. What do our customers get from us that they can’t get from a competitor?
4. Why do they enjoy doing business with us?
5. Do we have a distinctive and memorable brand?
6. What look and feel do we want to convey?
7. Does our tag line explain and motivate clients?
8. Do we have a logo?

Branding is integrated in every aspect of a successful business. So to change the way people think about your company, first you must change the way your company thinks about itself.

Remember first impressions are so important that you don’t want to waste even one. Consider enlisting the help of a professional designer.

“Advertising says to people, ‘Here’s what we’ve got. Here’s what it will do for you. Here’s how to get it.”
Leo Burnett

Until next time – It’s your business. Make it Dinamic!
Diane Carter Creative Coach & CEO,


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