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Monthly Archives: September 2005

“Secrets In Persuading A Potential Client To Buy”
“Secrets Of” grab a reader’s attention because – well people are nosy. We love secrets. Knowing something that is forbidden is fun and can be exciting. When someone has a secret its all we can do until we get it out of them, don’t you agree?

“10 Reasons To ePublish!”
“Reasons To” capture the readers attention because it can help them justify their purchase. If the header target’s an exact market you’ll find most readers are able to identify with 6 to 8 of the reason’s which allows you to persuade the reader.

“20 Ways To Lose Weight Faster!” (we all love this one!)
“Ways To” win a reader’s attention because you’re sharing step-by-step information that can improve the quality of their life.

“How To Epublish Your Manuscript Today!”
“How To” secures a reader’s attention because it tells them that they are about to learn something beneficial to their life and business. And they do – they learn how your product or service will benefit their business and or lifestyle faster, cheaper, easier, etc.

“I”m Looking For 30 Dynamic Writers To Co-Author An Ebook, Joining A Group Of Established Experts.”
“I”m Looking For” stops the reader because it sounds like you are asking for help not advertising your business. We all like to help we can so the reader pauses for you.

Copyright Diane Carter, 2005. All Rights Reserved

Assume the guest on your site is going to subscribe to your e-zine and address them as a subscriber, “Dear eBook Author.”

Offer your guests an incentive for frequenting your web site. Author and epublish an ebook in chapters and release a chapter a week or once a month for 12 months. Offer a weekly contest so they have to revisit every week to re-enter.

Offer your guests a free ebook if they subscribe to your free ezine. “Subscribe to our free e-zine and get a our new e-book for free!”

Alert guests and members by e-mail when you add new content to your site like the addition of your ebook. This will prompt them to visit month after month.

Link your products and services to holidays to obtain free publicity. If you can’t find a holiday create one on your site. Then write an article showing off your product or service for this holiday. “10 Ways to Increase Your Sales during National Entrepreneur Month” or “Increase Your Site Traffic with a Free eBook.”

Copyright Diane Carter, 2005. All Rights Reserved

Have you published a FAQs sheet for your business and products? What are the most frequent questions you get regarding your products, business, web site, ezine, affiliate program, and other services or products? Create a FAQ by answering those questions. Post it on your site. This small gesture will save potential customers time and might even convert a few into immediate clients by disqualifying their worries.

If you are your web master review your site carefully. Have you used different page formats throughout the site? Are you using to many different fonts, text sizes, text colors, etc.? If you are, potential customers could be getting frustrated because of the constant challenge of refocusing their eyes. Not to mention that it sends a signal of being unprofessional to your guests – possibly costing your sells.

Are you promoting yourself and your products with every breath you take? Are you positioning yourself as an expert by writing articles, ebooks, reports, etc? Did you know that when you when become a published author, people will think your statement is extra-credible because you have established yourself as an expert? Write articles, publish an ebook, become a co-author – bottom line – put yourself out there to be seen.

Copyright Diane Carter, 2005. All Rights Reserved

A client recently asked, “How do I author an digital book?” Great question! I thought more of you would be interested in the answer.

Here are my 5 steps to defining and authoring an digital book.

Step 1: Define What You Know
Are you an expert in your industry? If so, you might already have all the materials needed to compile an digital book. If you don’t have the material make a list of all the possible ways that your products, services and knowledge can benefit your readers.

People buy things that help them avoid pain. We are hard wired and driven to avoid pain and gain pleasure. These two simple things control our life! Show your reader how you can help them do one or the other or better yet both.

Step 2: Define Your Market
We all have a lot of potential prospects that can afford our services and products, but finding your “target market” is to identify those who are hungry for your services and products.

And remember step one, you are helping them eliminate pain or find pleasure not reciting your product and service features. Let them know how your knowledge and skills will help them.

Step 3: Define & Elaborate Your Qualifications
Once you have identified your best target market, the one that is starving for the very thing that you exceed at, this is where you place your status as the expert.

Your proficiency is your knowledge. Your ebook allows you to show it off in style. When you understand what makes your readers business excel and show them how to use you and your knowledge to be superior you’ll construct emotional identification with your target market.

You will be able to communicate with your readers about their problems | pain in a manner that is credible. The more you communicate, the more your audience will trust you and want to do business with you.

Step 4: Define Your Position As An Expert
Are you a speaker, professional practitioner, adviser, consultant? If you’ve written articles about your specific area of expertise or if you help clients solve painful problems – you have an digital book in you. Now you must let your target audience know it.

A digital book tells people about your expertise and adds credibility to your services. It will help you brand your as a specialist in your industry.

Adding “Author” to your title could open doors for radio and television, newspaper or magazine interviews. All are free and have a much higher impact than paid advertisements.

Send producers, writers, editors, even show hosts and reviewers a free copy. There is no guarantee they’ll call you but when they do you will have the credibility to face their questions.

Which leads to the final step…

Step 5: Define Your Audience
Do not waste time, money and energy targeting an audience that is in no way your client. An digital book for pets would have no impact being marketed to an audience interesting in toy tin collectibles.

Spend your time marketing to an audience that you can flip from reader to client. Create a reader profile by asking yourself, “Who will read my digital book?” If you expect to sell it ask yourself “Who will buy my digital book?”

Remember avoid saying “everyone.” Just because you have authored an digital book about better health (and we all need better health) not everyone is interested in reading about it which also means not everyone is seeking such an ebook. Define your audience and market directly to them.

While these five steps appear to be simple they are not easy.

Final Advice To Authors Interested In Writing An Digital Book Or Digital Book Series

Your digital book has two purposes 1) to educate consumers, small businesses and entrepreneurs on your field of expertise and 2) to market you to potential clients via viral marketing.

Instead of one book, let’s think series. Being the expert that you are you’ll never run out of material!

Your audience today is Internet savvy. They love the Web. They love to surf it. And they know how to use it to seek out specific information. Many of you have the information that 1000s are looking for. Use your expertise and author an digital book.

It is our hope that these 5 steps have helped and answered your questions about digital publishing. It is also our goal that in using the 5 Steps to Authoring an Digital Book you will be empowered to write and publish an ebook that will add credibility to your name and business.

Don’t wait – start living your dreams of being an author today! The journey has or will require considerable amount of time and energy – we respect that – wants the digital publishing experience to be dynamic for you! We would be honored to work with you to create this extraordinary marketing tool.

Copyright Diane Carter, 2005. All Rights Reserved

1. Set goals for your campaign increase sales, attract advertisers, drive traffic to your site, build brand awareness

2. Develop unique selling proposition (USP) about your company, its products and services; create key message points about the benefits to end users

3. Determine your target audiences:Internet industry, advertisers, consumers, Wall Street, etc.

Read the complete Top 10 list at

About the Submitter
Submitted by Molly Parsley, Online Marketing/Audience Development @ ParentTime, who can be reached at

Are you setting goals?
Do you know what your USP is?
Do you have a media list?
If yes, do you use it?
Are you following your industries trends? If not, WHY? If so, are you acting on what you find?

Diane Carter
Creative ePublishing Coach

1. Does your copy target individual visitors?
If not, try writing your copy as if you were speaking directly to a single visitor. This is a proven personal approach and should win clients.

2. Participate in discussions, chats and postings that involve a topic related to your products and services.
This is a great PR tactic. When chatting don’t blatantly advertise yourself it’s too pushy and some consider it Spam. Add your business name to your signature. People will see you are speaking from experience and will be drawn to you.

3. Create a dynamic signature file and use it on all your emails.
You never know when it might be forwarded to someone who isn’t familiar with you and would’ve contacted you but couldn’t because there was no signature on the thread. One of my signatures looks like this:

Diane Carter
Creative ePublishing Coach & CEO,
Diane @

Additional Blurb:
Our epublishing services include a custom cover designed specifically for your ebook and its message. We also create WOW designs for sales tools to market your ebook including announcement cards, post cards, posters, buttons, site banners, CD label, jewel case inserts etc. And we can help you create a marketing plan to help jump-start your ebook marketing activities. We also offer creative coaching sessions to guide you along a successful path. Contact us today to start a no obligation conversation.

4. Be sure you are checking and answering your email in a timely matter.
There is nothing more frustrating for a client than having to wait days to hear back from you. Nothing will lose a sale quicker than not responding in time. We live in an instant society. Email travels with the speed of light so should your responses. Not everyone works email all day long like me but you should make it a practice to check it a minimum of three to four time during a business day. If you can’t answer and email you can at least acknowledge it and give a time frame for a response. Until it becomes habit set an alarm every three hours and review new email. It could be the best 10 minutes you spend during the day.

5. Always have business cards with you.
I am amazed (confused) when asking someone for a business card and being told they don’t have one. Are you in business or not? Having your business cards with you should be as common as – well as being dressed before leaving the house! Another common blunder is that people often leave off their email and URL. Again I have to ask “are you in business or not”?

6. Ask for testimonials and use them.
A happy client can say it much better than you and will have more credibility than you can any day. Try using audio clips like this one:

Copyright Diane Carter, 2005. All Rights Reserved

Probably the most difficult challenge facing any business is how to increase revenue over costs. While there a number of ways to do that, customer acquisition, maintenance and relationships are going to be essential means of accomplishing that task. Here are ten questions with brief joggers to begin the awesome task of discovering that potential.

1. Who is your ideal customer?
The world is too big, time is too short and there are too many people in the world for you to influence them all.

2. What are the solutions that your ideal customer is looking for?
What makes our ideal customer happy, satisfied, want more, need more?

3. What kinds of information does your ideal customer need?
How will they respond to your attempts to provide these solutions?

Read the complete Top 10 list at

About the Submitter
This piece was originally submitted by Mike R. Jay, practicing organizational and executive coach, happeneur and writer, who can be reached at

Define your ideal customer.
What is your ideal customer looking for?
What type of relationship does your client want?
What do you want?
What type of relationships are your building?
Can you improve them?
What are you waiting on?

Diane Carter
Creative ePublishing Coach

by Tim Spencer

According to some sources, it is estimated that the Information industry is going to be worth over $7.8 billion over the next 3 years.

If you could tap into just 0.0000001% of that $7.8 billion, you could rake in $78,000!

Isn’t that a good enough reason to create your own information laden ebook?

If it isn’t, here are 10 more great reasons to create your own ebook:

1) If you create an ebook that solves peoples problems, you will feel great knowing that you are helping a few, possible thousands of people improve their lives.

2) A well-written and presented ebook will bring you notoriety, prestige and even fame! People will respect your opinions and want to read more of your work.

3) You don’t need to carry any inventory or have delivery costs. Your work can be instantly downloaded by your buyers.

4) You do not have to work hard to please an ever increasingly picky editor.

Traditional publishers will require your work to be 110% before they will even consider publishing it. This takes time and money. Publish it yourself and you only have your readers to please.

5) It’s easy and fun. With the software tools available today, creating an ebook is simple, all you need to do is provide the words and pictures to fill it!

6) Ebooks are a great way of advertising products or services. In context advertising could be your ticket to high earnings with your own products or through affiliate programs.

7) If you own a website, and people like what they read in your ebook, they will come to your site to find out more.

8) It costs next to nothing!

9) People are willing to pay for information that entertains them or solves a problem that has plagued their lives, or better still, solves a problem in an entertaining way!

10) You keep all the profits! What better reason is there than that?

So what will you write about today?