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Have you published a FAQs sheet for your business and products? What are the most frequent questions you get regarding your products, business, web site, ezine, affiliate program, and other services or products? Create a FAQ by answering those questions. Post it on your site. This small gesture will save potential customers time and might even convert a few into immediate clients by disqualifying their worries.

If you are your web master review your site carefully. Have you used different page formats throughout the site? Are you using to many different fonts, text sizes, text colors, etc.? If you are, potential customers could be getting frustrated because of the constant challenge of refocusing their eyes. Not to mention that it sends a signal of being unprofessional to your guests – possibly costing your sells.

Are you promoting yourself and your products with every breath you take? Are you positioning yourself as an expert by writing articles, ebooks, reports, etc? Did you know that when you when become a published author, people will think your statement is extra-credible because you have established yourself as an expert? Write articles, publish an ebook, become a co-author – bottom line – put yourself out there to be seen.

Copyright Diane Carter, 2005. All Rights Reserved


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