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1. Does your copy target individual visitors?
If not, try writing your copy as if you were speaking directly to a single visitor. This is a proven personal approach and should win clients.

2. Participate in discussions, chats and postings that involve a topic related to your products and services.
This is a great PR tactic. When chatting don’t blatantly advertise yourself it’s too pushy and some consider it Spam. Add your business name to your signature. People will see you are speaking from experience and will be drawn to you.

3. Create a dynamic signature file and use it on all your emails.
You never know when it might be forwarded to someone who isn’t familiar with you and would’ve contacted you but couldn’t because there was no signature on the thread. One of my signatures looks like this:

Diane Carter
Creative ePublishing Coach & CEO,
Diane @

Additional Blurb:
Our epublishing services include a custom cover designed specifically for your ebook and its message. We also create WOW designs for sales tools to market your ebook including announcement cards, post cards, posters, buttons, site banners, CD label, jewel case inserts etc. And we can help you create a marketing plan to help jump-start your ebook marketing activities. We also offer creative coaching sessions to guide you along a successful path. Contact us today to start a no obligation conversation.

4. Be sure you are checking and answering your email in a timely matter.
There is nothing more frustrating for a client than having to wait days to hear back from you. Nothing will lose a sale quicker than not responding in time. We live in an instant society. Email travels with the speed of light so should your responses. Not everyone works email all day long like me but you should make it a practice to check it a minimum of three to four time during a business day. If you can’t answer and email you can at least acknowledge it and give a time frame for a response. Until it becomes habit set an alarm every three hours and review new email. It could be the best 10 minutes you spend during the day.

5. Always have business cards with you.
I am amazed (confused) when asking someone for a business card and being told they don’t have one. Are you in business or not? Having your business cards with you should be as common as – well as being dressed before leaving the house! Another common blunder is that people often leave off their email and URL. Again I have to ask “are you in business or not”?

6. Ask for testimonials and use them.
A happy client can say it much better than you and will have more credibility than you can any day. Try using audio clips like this one:

Copyright Diane Carter, 2005. All Rights Reserved


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