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Daily Archives: November 4th, 2005

The following is a post from my Selling without Selling Network on

Thank you so much for creating this network, I think it is great place!
I have a couple of “Ideas” that I would like to bounce of off the group-

1.When you are a Cold-Calling Sales person, do you think its good to go “out of the box?”

I mean calling and calling not getting anywhere, so doing something shocking to the normal sales business routine, to bring a client to the table? And if so does anyone have any ideas?

2.When is too much not enough? I.e.-calling and trying to set up meetings, close deals, give presentations, and just not making it happen, but you know the client could really truly benefit from your service, but they just wont budge

What are maybe some tips for a more efficient way of handling this?
Thank you in advance to anyone who posts on these topics

Mahalo a anui
Mike Hall

I’m glad you like the network. Thanks for joining us and for jumping right in.

Cold calling is difficult I won’t lie to you. I suggest building a network and creating relationships for referrals but this not a short cut. Relationship selling takes time because strong relationships take to time to build. Go to networking events, join organizations and associations related to the industry your product or service fits. Think out of the box and decide all the ways your product or service could be used and look for ways to sell there.

Using my logo designs as an example I could focus only on new businesses however, what about new products, mergers, tradeshows, presentations, a name change, and the list goes on…….

The sells cycle is also based on the investment required. The higher the investment the longer you can expect the sells cycle to be. Selling a widget for $14 is almost a no-brainer. Selling a jet airplane for a million bucks takes time. I’m sure you fall somewhere in the middle. Which brings us back to relationship selling. If I’m spending a million dollars on a jet airplane you can bet I’m buying it from someone I trust. Someone who is dependable, ethical and responsible and that’s with the salesperson the same and more apply to the company.

If I’m spending $14 on a widget I want it fast and convenient for my business. If it’s not I’ll go to another supplier and another until I find a fast and convenient one to work with. It’s based on speed, convenience and cost not relationship. I’m not loyal. I can’t be, I simple need it fast and convenient. Oh, and if I find it cheaper along the way – I win!

Hope this helps.

Diane Carter
Creative Coach & CEO,