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10 Ways to Attract Business

The Most Effective Sales Skill for the 90s: Irresistible Attraction.

1. Be a walking example/demonstration of how effective your product or service is.

2. Seek to serve instead of just seeking to sell.

3. Add value by network all of the time: Be a matchmaker every single day.

Things for you to think about…

1. Are you serving or selling?
2. Are you a matchmaker?
3. Are your client’s part of your R&D team?
4. If yes, how?
5. If not, when?
6. Do you have a strong reserve?
7. How can you improve it?
8. When will you act on improving it?
9. What stands in your way?
10. Who can help you grow?

Modeled from a piece originally written by Thomas J. Leonard.

Diane Carter
Creative ePublishing Coach

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