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Let people try before they buy. If that’s not possible offer a free telephone consultation before they place an order. When they get to know you personally, it converts prospects into sales. I find that when potential clients have the opportunity to speak to me personally I convert more than 90% into sells.

Do your research and find ezines that target your market then ask to exchange classified ads with their publishers.

We’ve gotten use to tuning out banner ads but that doesn’t mean you can’t get mileage out of them. Great WOW banners by using killer headlines and click here messages. Do not fill banners with copy. For example, “The Art of Self Branding by Diane Carter – Free eBook Click Here!”

Start an ezine. Each issue reminds them of you and your company. Each issue can direct them to different hot spots on your web site. Each issue builds your brand and trust with those receiving it, which in time will increase sells. Be sure it educates the reader if it becomes all advertisement people will unsubscribe. The hope is to build an opt-in mailing list of individuals who are interested in you and your products not run them off.

Now, you have 4 Tips In Advertising to apply to your business. Check out our custom logos. We’d love to develop one for you!

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Diane Carter
Creative & Digital Publishing Coach

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