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Daily Archives: December 25th, 2005

Sales training increases the performance of salespeople, resulting in increased sales
• By preparing salespeople to maximize the effectiveness of each customer encounter
• By teaching salespeople a systematic selling process that makes it easier for them to apply specific selling techniques based on customer-initiated buying signals
• By improving the ability of salespeople to carry out corporate-endorsed selling strategies

Sales training improves customer relations
• By helping salespeople understand their customers’ underlying buying motivations
• By enabling salespeople to deal more effectively with customer concerns and objections

Sales training improves the cost effectiveness of selling activities
• By training salespeople to qualify and prioritize genuine opportunities more quickly

Sales training can reduce turnover for sales personnel
• By getting new hires up to speed more quickly
• By helping experienced salespeople become more successful with existing opportunities

Sales training reduces overall training costs
• By making more effective use of salespeople’s training time
• By making more effective use of current training resources

Sales training improves the overall effectiveness of training
• By applying it universally throughout the company’s entire sales, sales support and marketing organization

Posted by Diane Carter
Creative Coach & CEO,