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“Salespeople need to do more than spot and qualify the best leads; they need to position themselves to pursue the right prospects at the right time.”

Please share with us – how you do that?

Diane Carter
Creative Coach & CEO,


  1. I typically ask lots of questions, do some industry research, and require a completed credit application if there are any further questions. But, I’m talking about established businesses. When doing business with startups or small businesses, this can be much tougher. There will always be an element of risk. The startup that hits it big will make the salesperson rich and famous. The other 500 that fail will continue to reinforce in every one else’s mind that sales people are fools.

  2. Everyone is a potential customer, however I find that my best marketing for one on one sales is the “working business women” and I find that it’s best to contact them through vendor shows for their first use of the product, then the re-orders and referrals come.

    I’ve just recently started setting up at the Health and Wellness Fair and I am very pleased with the response to our products and the new customers that I obtain. Our products and my customer service will keep them.

  3. While it may be true that ‘everyone’ walking and breathing could use and benefit from your products or services it is not true that ‘everyone’ will take advantage of them.

    Having a strategy in place for profiling the strongest and weakest prospects, allows you to better focus your efforts on pursuing the hottest leads.

    Diane Carter

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