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You need to get creative with your prospecting. You should consistently look for new ways to get more leads from the same old sources:

a) Conferences – While everyone else is using breaks to check voicemail or e-mail, you could be networking with prospects.

b) Conferences – Try getting on the speaker’s radar by asking a sharp question during the session.

c) Industry experts – You should tap into these people’s knowledge and connections by building a professional relationship with them and referrals will come in a steady stream.

d) The prospect’s customers – developing trusted relationships with his or her customers and then getting (asking for) a referral.

The key to staying ahead of your competition is being in the right places and uncovering potential clients needs in their early stages. Following the pack won’t get it done. It’s vital to take the additional steps and develop new lead sources.

What are some of the unusual places you have uncovered hot leads. How did you find them? Have those sources produced other results? What other ideas or sources could you try?

Diane Carter

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