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Daily Archives: May 21st, 2006

A brand is how a reader, a viewer, a customer, or a listener feels about a product.

Gael Towey

Diane Carter
Humans are Visual!


This show can teach us a lot about business. It captures our attention, taps our inner desire to win and succeed through the dreams of others, gives us something to talk about at the office, hooks us two nights a week, and while we love to hate Simon both he and the show are honest, not to mention the fact that it is interactive with the audience and we feel as if we can help control the outcome.

How many of these things does your business offer clients?

Diane Carter
Humans are Visual!

Your body says: “You are what you eat.”
Your mind says: “You are what you read.”
Your body says: “You are what you write.”


Diane Carter
Humans are visual!