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More than ever, any opportunity to talk to your audience must be maximized. More than ever, messages must be clear. More than ever, messages must be relevant. More than ever…branding matters.

Be sure your brand is clearly communicated across all media. That’s called Brand Consistency.

Why does branding matter on the Web? Today’s most successful brand managers are engaging customers at every level and “pulling” them through to the web for loyalty programs or new offers or coupons. Check out…where expectant Mom’s “Find encouragement and ideas for the earliest stages of pregnancy right through to when you take your bundle-of-joy home.” It’s pretty clear this is about more than diaper technology–Huggies wants to be an expectant Mom’s supportive, trustworthy and knowledgeable pregnancy friend. That’s called a Brand Promise.

Why does branding matter in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) world? Getting to the 1to1 level is optimum. You can identify and predict customer preferences; what they want–when and how they’d like it. However, you still need to communicate to them. What is the brand’s voice, what words and tone do you use to meet their expectation and build their trust? Put it this way, what if the Huggie’s website read, “Find information about the first trimester right through to delivery.” Not quite the same thing! That’s called Brand Messaging.

Why does branding matter in buzz marketing? The latest marketing genre is all about creating WOM (word of mouth) by triggering loyal consumers to pass-along the brand message or product recommendation. Buzz marketers create excitement by offering exclusive information, or product samples, or experiences in a manner that empowers their impassioned customers to pass along the news or the ‘buzz’. “Did you hear about the H.J. Heinz green ketchup?” This message buzzed through barbecues and cookouts in 2000 and earned the company $10 million in free publicity. Note: the bottle, logo, and price point—did NOT change; nor did the light-hearted, kid-friendly tone. And, while the colored-ketchup craze is over, Heinz hasn’t lost its place in the hearts of America’s family’s. That’s called Brand Management.

The Challenge will only grow….
According to BrandWeek, February 03, 2006. “Today’s marketers will have their work cut out for them in trying to reach tomorrow’s major consumers: teenagers. That’s the finding of the GenWorld Teen Study just released by Energy BBDO, Chicago. The study, conducted in 13 countries, found a worldwide generation is being guided by one ethical code: authenticity.” So get to work! Be certain you understand how to honestly connect with your customers, what they expect from you and how to talk to them to build trust and loyalty. That’s called Branding.

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