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Market shamelessly? It is very much an active process — planting seeds, adding value, telling (vs selling), responding and yes, even marketing.

1. Know what it is exactly that you provide/deliver to others.
Work on the exact description of what you offer and you”ll never hesitate to share it with anyone at any time.

2. Make it impossible for potential buyers not to buy or leave with something.
Just make sure that you have something to offer everyone who may come calling on you for help.

3. Feel incredibly proud of what you do and what you offer.
If you don”t totally love what you do, are not proud of exactly how you do it or don”t feel good enough to tell the world about it, it”s going to be difficult to be very attractive.

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About the Submitter
Originally submitted by Thomas Leonard, Popular Author.

Additional Questions to Ask Yourself:

Exactly what do you deliver?
Do you believe in what you are doing?
Do you believe in your products and services?
Do you believe what you tell your clients?
Do your clients understand the value your offer them?
How can you help them understand it better?

Diane Carter
Humans are Visual!

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