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“Secrets In Persuading A Potential Client To Buy”
“Secrets Of” grab a reader’s attention because – well people are nosy. We love secrets. Knowing something that is forbidden is fun and can be exciting. When someone has a secret its all we can do until we get it out of them, don’t you agree?

“10 Reasons To Digital Publish!”
“Reasons To” capture the readers attention because it can help them justify their purchase. If the header target’s an exact market you’ll find most readers are able to identify with 6 to 8 of the reason’s which allows you to persuade the reader.

“20 Ways To Lose Weight Faster!” (we all love this one!)
“Ways To” win a reader’s attention because you’re sharing step-by-step information that can improve the quality of their life.

“How To Digitally Publish Your Manuscript Today!”
“How To” secures a reader’s attention because it tells them that they are about to learn something beneficial to their life and business. And they do – they learn how your product or service will benefit their business and or lifestyle faster, cheaper, easier, etc.

“I”m Looking For 30 Dynamic Writers To Co-Author A Digital Bbook, Joining A Group Of Established Experts.”
“I”m Looking For” stops the reader because it sounds like you are asking for help not advertising your business. We all like to help we can so the reader pauses for you.

Copyright Diane Carter, 2005. All Rights Reserved

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