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Monthly Archives: March 2007

FedEx Embracing Change and Improving Customer Service

It’s a business miracle that happens overnight-every night. And it all started on April 17, 1973, when Federal Express launched 14 small aircraft from Memphis International Airport. On that night, the company served a network of 25 cities-from Rochester, New York, to Miami, Florida-with a total of 186 packages shipped.

Today, the company of 148,000 employees serves 210 countries and 366 airports, and handles millions of packages and documents every business night. FedEx aircraft, which comprise the world’s largest all-cargo fleet, have a combined lift capacity of more than 20.6 million pounds daily. In a 24-hour period, FedEx planes travel nearly one-half million miles. FedEx couriers log 2.5 million miles a day, the equivalent of 100 trips around the earth.

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Stephen R. Covey

Real character development begins with the humble recognition that we are not in charge, that principles ultimately govern. I don’t talk much about ethics and values because to me those words imply situational behaviors, subjective beliefs, social mores, cultural norms, or relative truths. I prefer to talk about universal principles and natural laws that are more absolute. You may think that it’s just a matter of semantics and that when most people talk about values they really mean these universal principles. But I see a clear difference between principles and values.

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