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Daily Archives: May 7th, 2007

What can POWERBranding© do for you?
Take this quiz at

1) What can POWERBranding© to for your sales?
a) reduce them
b) nothing
c) increase them

2) What can POWERBranding© do for your success?
a) Make it or break it
b) nothing
c) zip

3) What can POWERBranding© do for you?
a) really important
b) kinda important
c) zero

4) Can POWERBranding© differentiate your from your competitors?
a) yes
b) maybe
c) no

5) POWERBranding© looks like:
a) everyone else
b) a copy of McDonalds
c) bold and memorable


What Are the Principles of POWERBranding©?
1. Get more prospects
2. Make more sales
3. Be remembered
4. To build relationships
5. Increase awareness

What do you need to do to be explode your POWERBranding© efforts?
a. Have a WOW! 30-second commercial, both personally and professionally.
b. Dedicate your time to the Three C’s – clarity, consistency, and constancy.
c. Have a Plan.


Ask yourself:
1. Who do I know that can help me create a WOW! 30-second commercial?
2. Am I dedicated to the Three C’s?
3. What is my Plan?

If POWERBranding© is so important, why aren’t you out there doing more of it?

Our prices are NOT guaranteed to be the lowest, but our service is guaranteed to be 100% better than anybody else’s service! Contact me.