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Daily Archives: June 1st, 2007 is a renowned POWERBranding and digital publishing company based in Atlanta, GA.

POWERBranding raises the bar of your company.

Enter our online contest simply by posting a response to this entry telling me why you need a free POWERBranding logo to brand yourself and or your company.

It starts with a strong company image. POWERBranding is emotional, compelling, it builds from your strengths, your convictions, your strategy, your operating principles and everything you do in your business. It is a substantial alignment of all of these things in concert with your company’s “signature,” “mark,” and or “image.”

Contest starts on June 4, 2007 and ends June 18, 2007.

Types of Taglines  Part Two

Descriptive describes the service, product or brand: UPS Moving at the speed of business

Provocative provoke thought: Dairy Council, Got Milk?

Specific establishes leadership in an industry: Volkswagen, Drivers wanted

Imperative demands action: Nike, Just do it

Superlative positions the company as best in its class: BMW, The ultimate driving machine


  • Begin writing your tagline.
  • Brainstorm and write down what comes to mind.
  • NO editing at this point.
  • Organize them into the above categories.
  • Start crossing off the taglines that do not meet your company’s criteria, strategy or style.
  • Rewrite the tags that need power WOW! or definition to them.
  • Narrow your list to the top three.
  • Get a few opinions on the final three taglines but DO NOT use a consensus to make your final decision. Consensus brings mediocrity that will not help you stand out from your competitors.
  • Finally make your decision and immediately move to implement it!

Our prices are NOT guaranteed to be the lowest, but our service is guaranteed to be 100% better than anybody else’s service! How will you know? Easy. Contact me.