Skip navigation is a renowned POWERBranding and digital publishing company based in Atlanta, GA.

POWERBranding raises the bar of your company.

Enter our online contest simply by posting a response to this entry telling me why you need a free POWERBranding logo to brand yourself and or your company.

It starts with a strong company image. POWERBranding is emotional, compelling, it builds from your strengths, your convictions, your strategy, your operating principles and everything you do in your business. It is a substantial alignment of all of these things in concert with your company’s “signature,” “mark,” and or “image.”

Contest starts on June 4, 2007 and ends June 18, 2007.


  1. I am about to launch a new (non-chili-pepper-based) product and although I have several ideas about how to go about branding it, I am at a complete loss for creating the logo that needs to go with it. And of course, unlike me, you are the resident expert on such things.

    The product is fun, it is built on helping feed the world and it tastes so great, you’ll love eating it to figure out how to brand it. 😀

    Should I tell you now what the product is, or keep it a secret in case I don’t win??


  2. You could tell us but maybe it would be better to hold on to the secret until the winner is annouced.


  3. Hi, Diane!
    Saw your contest and decided to enter! I’m going to be designing a website for my husband and daughter-in-law (, as they are both professional counselors.

    Even though they will be featured on the site, it will also include other resources to help people “Live fuller, more complete lives”.

    That will include articles about decluttering home and office, managing time, family time together, dealing with loss, many mental health and family issues.

    If you could help design a logo for that site, it might inspire me to get it designed! And my hubby and daughter-in-law would thank you greatly!

    I haven’t yet received anything for the logo. Did you receive payment to begin that project? Please advise. Have a good weekend!
    Jeanne Fuller

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