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Daily Archives: November 12th, 2007

One look at Oprah and we understand that she is the brand. She quits the show closes and the magazine fades.

As an entrepreneur or small business owner you too are the brand. It is your personality, skills, talent and integrity that have taken you to your present day success.

Learn to market your brand and in doing so you will continue to market your companies brand!

For helpful hints on marketing and branding you look at other entrepreneurs and what they are doing to standout. Remember branding and marketing is not an exact science, it is not a one-size-fits-all process the point of the exercise is to help springboard your ideas.

Spend time at the mall and make notes of what attacks your attention, when you go to the grocery store next time spend a little extra time checking out the packaging of those items that grab you, look at the next menu a little closer, listen to the commercials with a different prospective become a sponge of things that attract you and ask yourself: Is that me, my company, my services, my products?

If you need help to brand yourself, find help! Invest in yourself and your dream. If you won’t invest in yourself how can you expect your potential/clients to invest in your dream?


The author is one of the best promoting tools available. That’s right!

Talk about your book with individuals and groups; volunteer to speak at local groups like the Kiwanis, Ladies Auxiliary, Rotary club or other local events.

You should be carrying copies (CD’s versions are easily carried and inexpensively produced compared to soft back or hardback versions) everywhere you go. Never speak at a meeting without asking if it is possible to have a table in the back of the room displaying your book. In the speaking business this is referred to as back-of-the-room sales.

If you are selling CD versions you’ll need a tabletop poster (no smaller than letter size and it is better if it is legal size – as long as the cover is professionally designed and is high res you’ll have no problem printing it for display) of your book cover to grab their attention.

And if having a supply on hand to sell is not possible you MUST have a flyer or better yet a business card to hand out that tells the potential reader how to find and purchase your book.

As you plan your day, week, month, networking meetings and other events you plan to attend don’t forget to PLAN AHEAD!

Successful sales equals good customer service.

  • How can you turn service into a proportional advantage?
  • How can service become a profit center for your business rather than a cost of doing business?
  • How can you gain greater customer loyalty?

Remember the golden rule our Mothers instilled, “treat others as you wish to be treated” even when it isn’t shared.

In today’s environment, service is 24/7. You can thank the Internet for that too.  And you can be sure that somewhere a customer of a competitor is in need of good service!

Win your next sale with outstanding, passionate customer service!

Companies everywhere are being forced to reinvent themselves as the Internet continues to grow and evolve. The Internet has given small businesses and entrepreneurs a great opportunity to stand up to the big guys and come out winners!

Don’t be left behind, consider reinventing yourself. Use your creativity, passion and courage! You’re in it to win, right? Go as far as you can using everything you have in order to succeed.