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One look at Oprah and we understand that she is the brand. She quits the show closes and the magazine fades.

As an entrepreneur or small business owner you too are the brand. It is your personality, skills, talent and integrity that have taken you to your present day success.

Learn to market your brand and in doing so you will continue to market your companies brand!

For helpful hints on marketing and branding you look at other entrepreneurs and what they are doing to standout. Remember branding and marketing is not an exact science, it is not a one-size-fits-all process the point of the exercise is to help springboard your ideas.

Spend time at the mall and make notes of what attacks your attention, when you go to the grocery store next time spend a little extra time checking out the packaging of those items that grab you, look at the next menu a little closer, listen to the commercials with a different prospective become a sponge of things that attract you and ask yourself: Is that me, my company, my services, my products?

If you need help to brand yourself, find help! Invest in yourself and your dream. If you won’t invest in yourself how can you expect your potential/clients to invest in your dream?


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