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The author is one of the best promoting tools available. That’s right!

Talk about your book with individuals and groups; volunteer to speak at local groups like the Kiwanis, Ladies Auxiliary, Rotary club or other local events.

You should be carrying copies (CD’s versions are easily carried and inexpensively produced compared to soft back or hardback versions) everywhere you go. Never speak at a meeting without asking if it is possible to have a table in the back of the room displaying your book. In the speaking business this is referred to as back-of-the-room sales.

If you are selling CD versions you’ll need a tabletop poster (no smaller than letter size and it is better if it is legal size – as long as the cover is professionally designed and is high res you’ll have no problem printing it for display) of your book cover to grab their attention.

And if having a supply on hand to sell is not possible you MUST have a flyer or better yet a business card to hand out that tells the potential reader how to find and purchase your book.

As you plan your day, week, month, networking meetings and other events you plan to attend don’t forget to PLAN AHEAD!


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