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Daily Archives: November 15th, 2007

Next time you’re networking and meet someone who shows an interest in your products or services follow through with that contact immediately.

If appropriate send them a letter or email the following day. Call them and ask to have coffee (if you can get them out of the office you’ll have their full attention without distractions) to discuss their needs and wants. Not your products or services.

Remember WIIFM. Clients like to talk so be a good listener and take lots of mental notes so that you know exactly how to position your products and services to provide the solution and results they want.

Diane Carter, sam101


Winston Churchill once said, “The important thing about education is appetite.” The same can be said about research. To build your brand you must be interested in do research and studying your competition and other brands in general.

Here is my challenge to you. This weekend go to the bookstore and spend 30 minutes to an hour reviewing at least 15 to 20 magazines that you normally never look at. Take a note pad because you’ll need it. Check out the ads and write down your likes and dislikes.

Better yet invest in yourself and buy them! Take them home and tear out the ads and logos that attract you. Start a scrapbook and make notes on each tear sheet. Was it the logo, the text, the colors, maybe it was the photo or the use of white space.  Create files and use them to jumpstart your creative muse the next time you need a little extra juice in creating an ad.

By the way, this is a health obsession and will help you stretch and grow. I suggest you do this exercise once a month.

Diane Carter, sam101

When self-publishing your digital book before submitting your manuscript to any publisher you must be sure it is as clean as possible. Make sure it has been edited, proofread, and finalized before surrendering it for design work.

Once the designer starts formatting and placing the text is not the time to start editing and proofing.

It is true that when the designer sends you the draft you may find one or two typos. That is expected. In the trade those are known as “Author’s Alterations” or “AA’s.” However, what we are trying to avoid is adding or deleting full sentences or worse yet full paragraphs. These additions and or deletions can cause three and four times the labor (increased time) for the designer equaling amplified costs for you the author.

Diane Carter, sam101

An effective leader displays the following characteristics:

  • Listens
  • Motivates people
  • Communicates successfully
  • Present consistent information
  • Resolves problems effectively
  • Plans well
  • Coach’s people
  • Respects those they lead
  • Enthusiastic
  • Risk-taker
  • Flexiable
  • Resilient
  • Disciplined
  • Accountable
  • Supportive
  • Sets clear goals

Is it a coincidence that a good brand shares the same characteristics that a good leader displays?

Diane Carter, sam101