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Diane Carter is the president of The MedicMinder and

The MedicMinder serves caregivers using a brilliant organizational and record-keeping system for medical and drug history.

Sam101 is a renowned branding company based in Atlanta, GA.


The MedicMinder (MM) serves care-givers using a brilliant organizational and record-keeping system for the patient’s medical and drug history, saving critical time and possible the patient’s life, with the innovative wellness medical journal.

Care-giving related to medical needs can be complicated. Our approach emphasizes easy and quick access to medical and drug history, through our easy record-keeping system, which includes contact numbers for family and doctors. We believe this to be a proactive approach. Reducing the need to guess or stress over answers regarding a medical and drug history.

Simply stated: The MedicMinder is Trusted by Caring Families.

SAM101.COM makes it as easy to work with a designer. It is our business to understand the graphic design fundamentals. And we make it our goal to explain these fundamentals along with the process in terms that leave out all the “techy talk” so you are comfortable with the course of action. No hassles. No red tape. No surprises.

Our testimonials are proof that we are dependable, professional, creative, dedicated, reliable, deadline orientated and more. Please review and read them for yourself. If you’d like a business referral contact me.

We invite and encourage you to visit our blog on subjects like branding, digital publishing, marketing and sales. One simply idea could change your business forever! Check out our archives. Peruse our testimonials. Look over our online portfolios.

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