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Daily Archives: August 12th, 2008

Marietta, Georgia (PR) August 12, 2008 – CNN recently posted a reported on their web site about the importance of making sure that your health care provider knows all of the medicines and supplements you are using.

Did you know that you should keep a record of all your medicines (prescription, nonprescription, natural remedies, and vitamins)? Do you know why you take the medication you take, in what form you take it (pill, liquid, shot…), the color and shape, the dosage, any special instructions regarding the medication given to you by the subscribing physician and what time a day (am, pm) you take it? Don’t forget the medications you put in your eyes or ears or even on your skin. Even if the medication is “as needed” or “on occasion” your physicians need to have a complete picture of your health care.

This information is very important when your provider prescribes a new medicine or in an emergency. You may end up taking too many medicines. While some medicines change the way other medicines work.

The MedicMinder keeps a comprehensive list of all drugs and medical history in a single source system, including contact numbers for doctors, pharmacies, insurance companies, and more. By using the MedicMinder you’ll always be prepared. You’ll be able to tell each health care provider about the drug or food allergies you have in detail. And you will be able to alerting them to any other medical treatments you may be receiving.

In an emergency, time is of the essence. Seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Most of us can’t rely on our memory in times of great stress. Are you willing to take the risk?

The MedicMinder provides peace of mind for you and or your caregiver – the knowledge that all pertinent medical and drug history is documented in one comprehensive, easy to use system. No second-guessing in an emergency – reach for the MedicMinder and you will be assured that vital and accurate information is at your fingertips.

About The MedicMinder
Simply stated, the MedicMinder is “Trusted by Caring Families.”

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