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Daily Archives: August 13th, 2008

Marietta, Georgia (PR) August 13, 2008 – Most people are ill equipped to answer medical and drug questions when faced with an emergency. Often the information provided to medical staff may be incorrect as it is being reconstructed from memory at a time of confusion, uncertainty and emotional distress.

If your aging parents were to have a medical emergency, could you answer a doctor’s questions regarding their medical and drug history? Do you know the names, phone and fax numbers of all their doctors? Do you know a senior who is struggling to balance multiple medications? Do you have heart, lung or kidney disease? Are you a cancer survivor? In an emergency, time is of the essence. Seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Most of us can’t rely on our memory in times of great stress. Are you willing to take the risk?

The MedicMinder provides peace of mind for caregivers – the knowledge that all pertinent medical and drug history is documented in one comprehensive, easy to use system. No second-guessing in an emergency – reach for the MedicMinder and you will be assured that vital and accurate information is at your fingertips.

You will find the MedicMinder to be a single source record-keeping system for medical and drug history, including contact numbers for doctors, pharmacies, insurance companies, and more.

The MedicMinder was created from my personal need to care for both aging and ill parents. The stress of trying to keep their medical appointments straight, document their medical history, and constant struggle to remember what medications which one was taking and when, caused me great anxiety.

Using the MedicMinder gives me quick and easy access to medical and drug history, as well as contact numbers for family and doctors. Having this vital information at your fingertips reduces guesswork and stress so often felt during times of medical crisis.

I’m certain that the MedicMinder will become as invaluable a tool for you, as a caregiver, as it has been for my family and myself. I welcome your feedback and hope that you will share this press release and its information with other caregivers.

About The MedicMinder
Simply stated, the MedicMinder is “Trusted by Caring Families.”

Diane Carter, PR Contact,, Post Office Box 333, Marietta, Georgia 30061, 770-499-0127

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