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Diane Carter is the president of The MedicMinder and

The MedicMinder serves caregivers using a brilliant organizational and record-keeping system for medical and drug history.

Sam101 is a renowned branding company based in Atlanta, GA.


The MedicMinder (MM) serves care-givers using a brilliant organizational and record-keeping system for the patient’s medical and drug history, saving critical time and possible the patient’s life, with the innovative wellness medical journal.

Care-giving related to medical needs can be complicated. Our approach emphasizes easy and quick access to medical and drug history, through our easy record-keeping system, which includes contact numbers for family and doctors. We believe this to be a proactive approach. Reducing the need to guess or stress over answers regarding a medical and drug history.

Simply stated: The MedicMinder is Trusted by Caring Families.

SAM101.COM makes it as easy to work with a designer. It is our business to understand the graphic design fundamentals. And we make it our goal to explain these fundamentals along with the process in terms that leave out all the “techy talk” so you are comfortable with the course of action. No hassles. No red tape. No surprises.

Our testimonials are proof that we are dependable, professional, creative, dedicated, reliable, deadline orientated and more. Please review and read them for yourself. If you’d like a business referral contact me.

We invite and encourage you to visit our blog on subjects like branding, digital publishing, marketing and sales. One simply idea could change your business forever! Check out our archives. Peruse our testimonials. Look over our online portfolios.

With the start of’s sixth season comes a whole new look for the website. I’m happy to say that the look is fun, bright and much easier to navigate than the old site.

One of my favorite features is the expanded service’s found under “Making the Right Choice.”

Speaking of the sixth season premiere – we encourage you to visit and scan our blog on subjects like branding, digital publishing, marketing and sales. One simply idea could change your business forever! Check out our archives. Peruse our testimonials. Look over our online portfolios.

Ask and ye shall receive. Hit the “contact” link and send me specific questions and I will answer them as we go. Answers are always free. Submit your project specs and receive a free no-pressure quote within 24 hours or less.

Watch our forums where we will be for sharing stories and tricks about branding, digital publishing, marketing and sales as a teaching tool for startup and small businesses by mid-year 2008.

And coming soon our calendar will be used to manage local marketing and sales seminars and networking events.

What are you waiting on – explore and enjoy!

Check back often because you are not going to want to miss all the exciting things planned for 2008!

I Am the Company


Do You Believe?

Where Is Your Receipt?

Tagline Basics

A Tagline Can Extract The Heart of a Brand
1. It must be short
2. It must differentiate you from your competitors
3. It has to be unique
4. It should evoke an emotional response
5. It must create interest
6. It should be easy to remember
7. It should capture your brand essence

Taglines are also often difficult to create and have shorter life spans than your visual image.

Ask yourself:

• Does it live by the seven basics above?

If you answered no it is time to revamp and/or recreate your company tagline.

Our prices are NOT guaranteed to be the lowest, but our service is guaranteed to be 100% better than anybody else’s service! Contact me today.


In 50 words or less tell me why you want and need a POWERBranding© logo and you could win one FREE! No strings attached…

Enter our online contest simply by posting a response to this entry in my comments column at telling me why you need and deserve a free POWERBranding© logo to brand yourself and or your company.

Only one entry per person.

Entries over 50 words will be discarded. (Posts must be friendly and cannot contain foul language. All entries are subject to approval prior to posting. Entries not approved for posting will be disqualified and not eligible to win.)

All qualified entries will go in a hat and a winner will be drawn.
Winner will receive one free POWERBranding© logo – $198 value!

There are no entry fees, no subsidy payments, no strings and no purchases of any kind required to enter and win the contest.

Next contest starts on May 7, 2007 and ends on May 21, 2007. Winner will be notified on Friday, May 25, 2007.

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What Are the Principles of POWERBranding©?
1. Get more prospects
2. Make more sales
3. Be remembered
4. To build relationships
5. Increase awareness

What do you need to do to be explode your POWERBranding© efforts?
a. Have a WOW! 30-second commercial, both personally and professionally.
b. Dedicate your time to the Three C’s – clarity, consistency, and constancy.
c. Have a Plan.


Ask yourself:
1. Who do I know that can help me create a WOW! 30-second commercial?
2. Am I dedicated to the Three C’s?
3. What is my Plan?

If POWERBranding© is so important, why aren’t you out there doing more of it?

Our prices are NOT guaranteed to be the lowest, but our service is guaranteed to be 100% better than anybody else’s service! Contact me.

Stephen R. Covey

Real character development begins with the humble recognition that we are not in charge, that principles ultimately govern. I don’t talk much about ethics and values because to me those words imply situational behaviors, subjective beliefs, social mores, cultural norms, or relative truths. I prefer to talk about universal principles and natural laws that are more absolute. You may think that it’s just a matter of semantics and that when most people talk about values they really mean these universal principles. But I see a clear difference between principles and values.

To read the entire article click (or copy and paste):

Virtual Brown Bag Lunch & eMixer for Women Business Center Staff: “Business Experts on Demand” Share Their No-Nonsense eBusiness Knowledge

WHAT: “Business Experts on Demand”—the founders of the International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Under the Looking Glass, 1st Podcast Publishing,, and HINZtime Virtual Assistance—have partnered together to give an introductory virtual brown bag lunch and eMixer for the staff of women’s business centers (WBCs). The event will combine a 1-hour live power discussion in an online conference room with a 24-hour networking session conducted on an email listserv to accommodate busy schedules.

WBCs will now have a virtual bridge that connects them. As a participant in the virtual brown bag lunch and eMixer, they will:
•Learn how they can give their clients/members access to the clients/members of other WBCs via the Internet.
•Identify key eBusiness topics they should focus on to help their clients/members effectively set up shop online.
•Network with staff leaders of other WBCs to discuss how they can support one another.
•Discuss how to make their site more prominent online to attract more clients/members.
•Brainstorm and discuss issues affecting their WBC.
•Discuss in-kind contributions donated by the “Business Experts on Demand.”

WHEN: Tuesday, October 24 starting at Noon Eastern OR Wednesday, October 25 starting at 3:00 p.m. Eastern (Noon Pacific). Select the date that accommodates your schedule or attend both days.

WHERE: Online. The webconference room is equipped with text and audio capabilities. If you have a mic you can vocally interact with others in attendance. You will receive instructions after you register by emailing Include your name, title, and location in the RSVP.

WHO: The virtual brown bag lunch and eMixer will be led by “Business Experts on Demand” Jerrilynn B. Thomas, CEO of the International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce; Jennifer Large, founder of Under the Looking Glass; Penny Haynes, founder of 1st Podcasting Publishing; Diane Carter, founder of; and Glenda Hinz, founder of HINZtime Virtual Assistance.

Virtual Brown Bag Lunch & eMixer Overview
• How to help your clients/members utilize online networking to expand their marketing reach.
• How to create an online radio show to keep your clients/members updated while growing your WBC’s revenue.
• How to brand your WBC and create e-books to generate a new income stream.
• How to teach your clients/members to effectively sell online.
• How to introduce virtual outsourcing to your clients/members to help them focus on their revenue generating activities.

REGISTRATION: There is no cost to participate in the introductory virtual brown bag lunch and eMixer. You have the option to attend the event on both dates. RSVP is required to Include your name, title, and location in the RSVP.

“Secrets In Persuading A Potential Client To Buy”
“Secrets Of” grab a reader’s attention because – well people are nosy. We love secrets. Knowing something that is forbidden is fun and can be exciting. When someone has a secret its all we can do until we get it out of them, don’t you agree?

“10 Reasons To Digital Publish!”
“Reasons To” capture the readers attention because it can help them justify their purchase. If the header target’s an exact market you’ll find most readers are able to identify with 6 to 8 of the reason’s which allows you to persuade the reader.

“20 Ways To Lose Weight Faster!” (we all love this one!)
“Ways To” win a reader’s attention because you’re sharing step-by-step information that can improve the quality of their life.

“How To Digitally Publish Your Manuscript Today!”
“How To” secures a reader’s attention because it tells them that they are about to learn something beneficial to their life and business. And they do – they learn how your product or service will benefit their business and or lifestyle faster, cheaper, easier, etc.

“I”m Looking For 30 Dynamic Writers To Co-Author A Digital Bbook, Joining A Group Of Established Experts.”
“I”m Looking For” stops the reader because it sounds like you are asking for help not advertising your business. We all like to help we can so the reader pauses for you.

Copyright Diane Carter, 2005. All Rights Reserved

Market shamelessly? It is very much an active process — planting seeds, adding value, telling (vs selling), responding and yes, even marketing.

1. Know what it is exactly that you provide/deliver to others.
Work on the exact description of what you offer and you”ll never hesitate to share it with anyone at any time.

2. Make it impossible for potential buyers not to buy or leave with something.
Just make sure that you have something to offer everyone who may come calling on you for help.

3. Feel incredibly proud of what you do and what you offer.
If you don”t totally love what you do, are not proud of exactly how you do it or don”t feel good enough to tell the world about it, it”s going to be difficult to be very attractive.

Read the complete Top 10 list at

About the Submitter
Originally submitted by Thomas Leonard, Popular Author.

Additional Questions to Ask Yourself:

Exactly what do you deliver?
Do you believe in what you are doing?
Do you believe in your products and services?
Do you believe what you tell your clients?
Do your clients understand the value your offer them?
How can you help them understand it better?

Diane Carter
Humans are Visual!