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Diane Carter is the president of The MedicMinder and

The MedicMinder serves caregivers using a brilliant organizational and record-keeping system for medical and drug history.

Sam101 is a renowned branding company based in Atlanta, GA.


The MedicMinder (MM) serves care-givers using a brilliant organizational and record-keeping system for the patient’s medical and drug history, saving critical time and possible the patient’s life, with the innovative wellness medical journal.

Care-giving related to medical needs can be complicated. Our approach emphasizes easy and quick access to medical and drug history, through our easy record-keeping system, which includes contact numbers for family and doctors. We believe this to be a proactive approach. Reducing the need to guess or stress over answers regarding a medical and drug history.

Simply stated: The MedicMinder is Trusted by Caring Families.

SAM101.COM makes it as easy to work with a designer. It is our business to understand the graphic design fundamentals. And we make it our goal to explain these fundamentals along with the process in terms that leave out all the “techy talk” so you are comfortable with the course of action. No hassles. No red tape. No surprises.

Our testimonials are proof that we are dependable, professional, creative, dedicated, reliable, deadline orientated and more. Please review and read them for yourself. If you’d like a business referral contact me.

We invite and encourage you to visit our blog on subjects like branding, digital publishing, marketing and sales. One simply idea could change your business forever! Check out our archives. Peruse our testimonials. Look over our online portfolios.

Did you know that the average person spends only about 9 to 10 seconds reviewing sales-related materials and a brief 4 to 11 seconds when reviewing a print ad.

So…grab your customers attention fast! And make sure you include your call to action…

“Please call us with your (insert your product / service) “future graphic design” needs. You already know us for our quality and timely delivery!”


“Please call and tell us how we can serve you better.”

Your message should always start with your purpose and be sure your purpose benefits and interests your customer. It must!

Stay focused on what your purpose is, what you need to communicate and what result you want to achieve. Because as the NY Times says, “Anything else is not fit to print!”

Hey, are you looking for a holiday in 2008 that you can do a promotional tie-in with? If so, check out this list and plan now!

New Years Day 1/1
Bath Safety Month 1/1
Japanese New Year 1/1
Last Day of Kwanzaa 1/1
Blood Donor Month 1/1
Book Blitz Month 1/1
Business & Reference Books Month 1/1
Careers in Cosmetology Month 1/1
Crime Stopper Month 1/1
Prune Breakfast Month 1/1
Retail Bakers Month 1/1
Soup Month 1/1
National Tea Month 1/1
Diet Month, Fat-Free Living Month, Lose Weight & Feel Great Month 1/1
Eye Health Care Month 1/1
Gourmet Coffee Month 1/1
Hobby Month 1/1
National Clean your Computer Month 1/1
Oatmeal Month 1/1
Poverty in America Month 1/1
Pizza Week 1/7
School Crossing Guard Week 1/8
Martin Luther King Day 1/15
Inauguration Day 1/20
Republic Day-India 1/26
Black History Month (African American) 2/1
American Hearth Month 2/1
American History Month 2/1
Cat Health Month 2/1
Cherry Month 2/1
Children’s Dental Health Month 2/1
Chocolate Month 2/1
Dental Month 2/1
Embroidery Month 2/1
Freedom Day 2/1
Friendship Month 2/1
Grapefruit Month 2/1
Library Lovers Month 2/1
Pet Oral Health Month 2/1
Snack Food Month 2/1
Weddings Month 2/1
Wild Bird Feeding Month 2/1
Work Eye Safety Awareness Month 2/1
Groundhog Day 2/2
Superbowl Sunday 2/4
Potato Lovers Month 2/1
Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week 2/11
Valentine’s Day 2/14
Canada Flag Day 2/15
Pancake Week 2/18
Chinese New Year 2/18
Presidents Day 2/19
Mardi Gras 2/20
Ash Wednesday 2/21
Lent 2/21
Polar Bear Day 2/27
Disabilities Awareness Month 3/1
Furniture Refinishing Month 3/1
Irish-American Heritage Month 3/1
Music in our Schools Month 3/1
National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Month 3/1
National Craft Month 3/1
National Nutrition Month 3/1
Healthcare Diversity Month 3/1
National Women’s History Month 3/1
Peanut Butter Lovers Day 3/1
Purim 3/4
Problem Gambling Awareness Week 3/5
International Women’s Day 3/8
National Spring Fever Week 3/10
Daylight Savings Time Begins 3/11
Brain Awareness Week 3/12
St Patrick’s Day 3/17
Poison Prevention Week 3/18
Vernal Equinox 3/21
National Cleaning Week 3/25
Frozen Food Day 3/30
National Car Care Month 4/1
Counseling Awareness Month 4/1
April Fool’s Day 4/1
Foot Health Awareness Month 4/1
Frog Month 4/1
Garden Month 4/1
Guitar Month 4/1
National Humor Month 4/1
Mathematics Education Month 4/1
Palm Sunday 4/1
National Kite Month 4/1
National Poetry Month 4/1
Stress Awareness Month 4/1
Welding Month 4/1
National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day 4/2
Passover 4/2
Good Friday 4/6
National Garden Week 4/8
National Licorice Day 4/12
Tiger Week 4/13
Holocaust Rememberance Day 4/15
National Volunteer Week 4/15
Library Week 4/15
Income Tax Day 4/16
Astronomy Week 4/16
National Wildlife Week 4/21
Astronomy Day 4/21
Picinic Day 4/22
Administrative Professionals Day 4/25
Arbor Day 4/27
Better Sleep Month 5/1
Egg Month 5/1
Older Americans Month 5/1
Candy Month 5/1
Dairy Month 5/1
Cinco De Mayo 5/5
Teacher Appreciation Week 5/7
Wildflower week 5/7
National School Nurse Day 5/9
National Hospital Week 5/10
Mother’s Day 5/13
Mother’s Day 5/14
Peace Officers Memorial Day 5/15
Malcolm X Day 5/18
Safe Boating Week 5/19
Emergency Medical Services Week 5/20
Memorial Day 5/28
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month 6/1
Gay and Lesbian Pride Month 6/1
Iced Tea Month 6/1
Rose Month 6/1
Turkey Lovers Month 6/1
Zoo and Aquarium Month 6/1
American Beer Month 6/1
Flag Day 6/14
Juggling Day 6/16
Gay Pride Week 6/17
Father’s Day 6/17
Summer Solstice 6/21
Shavuot 6/22
Canada Day 7/1
Blueberry Month 7/1
Hot Dog Month 7/1
Ice Cream Month 7/1
National Park & Recreaction Month 7/1
Peach Month 7/1
Catfish Month 7/1
Independence Day 7/4
Running with the Bulls 7/6
Bastille Day 7/16
Chrysanthemum Day 7/18
Salad Week 7/25
Eye Exam Month 8/1
Chicken Month 8/1
Watermelon Day 8/3
Friendship Day 8/5
National Aviation Day 8/19
Classical Music Month 9/1
Coupon Month 9/1
Honey Month 9/1
Jazz Month 9/1
Little League Month 9/1
National Hispanic Heritage Month 9/1
National Hunting and Fishing Month 9/1
Apple Month 9/1
Book Month 9/1
Labor Day 9/3
Grandparents Day 9/9
Ramadan 9/13
Donut Day 9/14
National POW/MIA Recognition Day 9/21
Yom Kippur 9/21
Oktoberfest 9/27
Computer Learning Month 10/1
Country Music Month 10/1
Dessert Month 10/1
Dinosaur Month 10/1
German American Heritage Month 10/1
National Cookie Month 10/1
Pasta Month 10/1
Vegetarian Month 10/1
Seafood Month 10/1
AIDS Awareness Month 10/1
Columbus Day 10/12
Bosses Day 10/16
United Nations Day 10/24
Navy Day 10/27
Halloween 10/31
Peanut Butter Lovers Month 11/1
National Chili Month 11/1
Marine Corps Day 11/10
Veterans Day 11/11
National American Teddy Bear Day 11/14
National Game & Puzzle Week 11/18
Thanksgiving Day 11/22
World AIDS Day 12/1
National Tie Month 12/1
First Sunday of Advent 12/02
Saint Nicholas Day 12/6
Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day 12/7
Hanukkah 12/15
Wright Brothers Day 12/17
Christmas Eve 12/24
Christmas Day 12/25
Kwanzaa 12/26
New Years Eve 12/31

Diane Carter,

With the start of’s sixth season comes a whole new look for the website. I’m happy to say that the look is fun, bright and much easier to navigate than the old site.

One of my favorite features is the expanded service’s found under “Making the Right Choice.”

Speaking of the sixth season premiere – we encourage you to visit and scan our blog on subjects like branding, digital publishing, marketing and sales. One simply idea could change your business forever! Check out our archives. Peruse our testimonials. Look over our online portfolios.

Ask and ye shall receive. Hit the “contact” link and send me specific questions and I will answer them as we go. Answers are always free. Submit your project specs and receive a free no-pressure quote within 24 hours or less.

Watch our forums where we will be for sharing stories and tricks about branding, digital publishing, marketing and sales as a teaching tool for startup and small businesses by mid-year 2008.

And coming soon our calendar will be used to manage local marketing and sales seminars and networking events.

What are you waiting on – explore and enjoy!

Check back often because you are not going to want to miss all the exciting things planned for 2008!

I Am the Company


Do You Believe?

Where Is Your Receipt?

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: get people to accept, embrace, be crazy about and value your products and services and you win and you convert a client into an evangelist for your products and services!

Diane Carter, sam101

Winston Churchill once said, “The important thing about education is appetite.” The same can be said about research. To build your brand you must be interested in do research and studying your competition and other brands in general.

Here is my challenge to you. This weekend go to the bookstore and spend 30 minutes to an hour reviewing at least 15 to 20 magazines that you normally never look at. Take a note pad because you’ll need it. Check out the ads and write down your likes and dislikes.

Better yet invest in yourself and buy them! Take them home and tear out the ads and logos that attract you. Start a scrapbook and make notes on each tear sheet. Was it the logo, the text, the colors, maybe it was the photo or the use of white space.  Create files and use them to jumpstart your creative muse the next time you need a little extra juice in creating an ad.

By the way, this is a health obsession and will help you stretch and grow. I suggest you do this exercise once a month.

Diane Carter, sam101

Companies everywhere are being forced to reinvent themselves as the Internet continues to grow and evolve. The Internet has given small businesses and entrepreneurs a great opportunity to stand up to the big guys and come out winners!

Don’t be left behind, consider reinventing yourself. Use your creativity, passion and courage! You’re in it to win, right? Go as far as you can using everything you have in order to succeed.

What does “branding” mean to you?

Growing up in the ’50s and ’60s, I still have a vision of hot branding irons in a coal or wood fire, and some rancher roping a steer or a horse and pushing the red hot “branding iron” against their skin to make sure the name of their ranch was “branded” on the animal. OUCH!

But, the brand was on the animal forever.

In today’s marketplace, that’s what all brand makers and brand sellers seek to achieve. Get their name or product emblazoned on the mind of the buyer, and keep it there. Permanently.

ONE PROBLEM: Just because you “know the brand” or “remember the brand” does not mean you’re going to BUY it. And the reality is if I know it and recognize it, but I don’t buy it, then all the money spent on branding is wasted. OUCH!

To read the full article by Jeffery Gitomer copy and past this URL into your browser: