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To View Branding Gallery, Click Here is redefining branding by offering clients the opportunity to use Power Branding to target, reach and WOW! your defined target market.

Hi! I’m Diane Carter the founder and designer at sam101. I have over 27-years of professional sales, advertising and marketing experience, with a 5-year focus in sales training. The last 19-years of my career have been spent as an entrepreneur.

In 1986 I co-founded and acted as the Chief Creative Officer in a successful design studio until 1996. Designs included everything from logos to billboards, special events and hundreds of items in between. In 1997 I created, developed and presented sales training programs nationwide for corporations, and their clients including Verizon, TMobile, Cingular, MCI, CompUSA, Circuit City, Best Buys, Office Depot and Staples.

Sam101 was natural extension of my combined knowledge and hands-on experience. Sam101 stands for sales, advertising and marketing and 101 represents the fundamental principles in these three areas.

After almost a year of planning sam101 was launched in December 2002. Our mission has not changed; it is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses increased profitability through education, outstanding client services and the highest quality services every time we conduct business with them.

Your #1 Secret Strategy to Becoming a Success is POWER Branding is redefining branding by offering clients the opportunity to POWER Branding themselves to target, reach and WOW! their defined target market.

POWER Branding is emotional. It is compelling. It builds from your strengths, your convictions, your strategy, your operating principles and everything you do in your business. It is a substantial alignment of all of these things in concert with your company’s “signature” or “mark.”

Think about it.

Domino’s Pizza uses a bright blue and red Domino; Regis on “Who wants to be a Millionaire” had the now famous tagline “Is that your final answer?”

These “signatures” or “marks” are part of these individuals and company’s POWER Branding. Each of these brands stands for something special. Their “signatures” or “marks” evoke specific emotions and feelings.

These “signatures” or “marks” leave a whack of an impact on clients and potential clients psyche.

POWER Branding raises the bar. POWER Branding starts with a strong company image or logo coupled with a well-built tagline.

What indelible mark are you leaving in the minds of your potential clients? What’s your POWER Branding?

POWER Branding is the trademark of successful business. It is a MUST if you want long-term sustainable growth. Without it, your marketing efforts will struggle and often fail.

Are you thinking about your company’s POWER Branding image and do not have a clue what you need or even what is available to you? Then it is time to contact us with your questions and needs. View our POWER Branding portfolio.

Click the Testimonial link at the bottom of the page to read the experiences of a few of sam101’s clients.

Contact me to schedule a free 30-minute creative consultation.

In approximately 72-hours you could have a new POWER Branding identity to WOW! your target market; grow your business and increase your awareness!

Why use sam101 for your POWER Branding needs:
• We Work Fast
• You Can Expect Top Quality
• Outstanding Designs
• Color, grayscale and black-and-white format (when applicable)
• Your logo is delivered in three sizes per format
• Complete ownership rights
• File formats include EPS, JPG and PNG
• Lifetime logo design file storage

sam101 offers all clients a satisfaction guarantee.

If your logo doesn’t represent your company anymore – think extreme makeover. Are you sending mixed messages that confuse your target? Why continue to tie your company to an image that doesn’t represent your message? In 72 hours you can have a new POWER Branding identity to WOW! your target market; grow your business and increase your awareness!

How the POWER Branding Process Works
A sam101 logo helps you create a professional image and allows you to POWER Branding your company, products and services to the public. A POWER Branding logo builds public awareness through increased recognition and familiarity, which in builds loyalty and makes you more successful.

Ordering POWER Branding logo is quick, painless and trouble-free. Follow these four simple steps and in days you will have a logo that speaks for your company and POWER Branding your company

1. Contact us via our contact form describing your needs. We’ll get back to you with a questionnaire and details on the process. You will then follow the order process from there.

2. Complete our client questionnaire, which provides us with information on your company, the more information we have the better the concepts for your logo will be.

3. View original logo concepts. The first drafts will arrive within the time frame specific to you. Once you have picked a design you will send us your list of tweaks or edits that you would like to see. We make revisions based on your feedback making you a vital part of the design process. We will repeat the revision process (based on the package you selected) until you are happy.

4. You will get your final logo when you are satisfied with the last revision. We’ll give you the final logo via email. (CD’s with all the final file formats presented to the client are available for an additional cost plus S&H when requested by the client.)

As you can see the process is simple and quick. No surprises or hidden cost. And the more of a role you take while reviewing drafts and revisions, the faster we can finalize your logo!

Quick Process Overview
* Contact us.
* Submit the client questionnaire.
* Submit revision as quickly as possible. Approve a revision or make additional revision requests. (Note: each set of revisions ads time to the process.)
* Select a final logo. As soon as your design is approved, you will be sent the final versions based on the package you picked.

Who is sam101?

An experienced graphic designer with more than 27 years of hands-on design. A marketing expert specializing in corporate identity, POWER Branding and communication creating a win-win for all of our clients.

Contact us to discuss your wants and needs and we will give you a custom quote (flat fee) so that you know exactly what it will cost before we start the project.

How many logo samples will you make?
This depends on the design package you order.

What is the difference between a concept and a revision?
A completely different logo concept or variations of.
Revision: A Revision is a change to an existing/approved logo concept.

Do you serve customers outside USA?

Yes. Sam101can design for you no matter where you are. That was our mission and purpose when we developed our online business. If you are ready now, what are we waiting on, let’s get started today!

How long does the design process take?

This is the most common question of all. First, this depends on the design package you order. Secondly, once you receive the first round of drafts the process will go at your pace. We always encourage our clients to live with the first round of drafts overnight before picking, making tweaks and requesting revisions. However, we’re flexible on this end; we want our clients to take as little or as much time as they need to review the designs and the revisions. The faster you provide us with feedback the faster we can provide you with revisions. It is a two way process.

What other design services can you provide me with?

* E-Book Design
* Brochure Design
* CD Cover Design
* CD Label Design
* Book Covers

Much More – Just ask!

I would like to have a logo designed based on my own drawings and ideas. Is that possible?
We always respect our client’s input. Some clients email us drawings, which help us to understand their ideas, tastes and needs. Some clients will send us URL’s of sites that have a logo that has caught their eye. We always respect a clients input but we also request that client do not marry themselves to a single idea. We ask that you allow us to use our 27-years of creative experience to benefit you.

What if I don’t like my logo?
You can stop the process at any time BEFORE requesting the FIRST revisions and receive a refunded (less a service fee based on the package you purchased). After receiving your request for revisions we offer no refunds.

If you stop the process all artwork, images and designs shown or sent to you the client or any third party, remain the intellectual property of POWER Branding.

Can you restyle my existing logo?

Yes, it is as simple as providing us with the latest version of your logo, and we’ll develop concepts based on it for your review.

Do you do illustrations?
Yes, however none of our packages include illustration. Please contact us to discuss your wants and to get a custom quote and time line.

Who owns the copyright of the logo?
Ownership (copyright and title) of the final artwork becomes the sole property of you the client, having unlimited, indefinite, and royalty-free use of the image upon full payment of all fees.

Sam101 retains rights to display the artwork in our portfolio and advertising materials. ALL concepts, comprehensives, or other preliminary materials, which are not selected by the client or are not included in the final delivery, remain the sole property of POWER Branding.

If you have questions or comments about branding, please contact us. In the mean time, visit our branding archives at, then click “by category”, then click “Branding” and that will open up a list of our live archived postings.

It is your business, be sure it’s dynamic!

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