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Did you know that we read faster than we listen, or more accurately, faster than anyone talks? It’s a simple fact that you can absorb about three times as much information in the same amount of time reading it vs. hearing it.

Are you a speaker, adviser, consultant, professional coach, etc?
Have you written articles about your specific area of expertise? Do you find yourself helping clients solve common problems – personal or professional?

Then you have the material and makings of a digital book!
Publishing with sam101 couldn’t be easier or more affordable. With sam101 you can digitally publish in a simple, fast, and friendly atmosphere. We work hard to give you and your project the utmost attention and priority we can.Publishing with sam101 allows the author to confidently work directly with the artist, designer, and publisher allowing the author time behind the scenes to handle their marketing and distribution needs. Digital publishing allows you 100% control of your d-book and it’s content. Working with sam101 to digitally publish couldn’t be easier and is amazingly affordable.

Why Publish With Sam101?
* You retain all your copyrights!
* Easy and inexpensive updates because there is no physical inventory to replace
* As little as 5 week turn around
* NO templates! All designs (covers and formatting) are custom and matched to the author’s message.
* Custom full color cover design
* Active hyperlinks and bookmarks
* Great marketing and public relations tool
* Create a passive revenue stream
* Dynamically affordable
* Fast, friendly and simple serviceWOW! Designs
Let us publish your d-book with a 3-second WOW factor so that you can get it into the hands of your clients, prospective clients and referral sources etc. and knock their socks off!

The complete process after receiving your completed manuscript file to having a completed d-book ready for distribution can happen within as little as 5-weeks.

Packages are based on the number of pages in your manuscript.

What’s next? Review the proof very carefully.
You will have an opportunity to review the draft looking only for minor adjustments, if necessary, such as resizing several images or editing a few sentences here and there. If your changes become extensive and require more than one hour to complete, we will let you know and get your approval to pre-invoice you for the additional time.

After these adjustments (referred to as AAs or author’s alterations) are made to the draft, we will email you one final proof for your approval before your digital book is published.

Sam101 Watermark
A digital book is an electric document. We pass it back and forth proofing and editing the format and images during the publishing process. For security reasons sam101 has placed a watermark on the pages. This watermark will be removed on the final version before you distribute it.

Additional Sales Tools
We also offer design for many sales tools needed to market your d-book including announcement cards, post cards, poster, buttons, site banners, CD label, jewel case inserts etc. And we can help you create a marketing plan to help jump-start your d-book marketing activities. We also offer creative coaching sessions to guide you along your way. For a 3-month retainer we can handle your marketing and PR.

If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact me by using our online contact form.

If you have questions or comments about digital publishing, contact us.


    • Shedrick
    • Posted November 19, 2006 at 6:20 am
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    I’m in the research phase now. This is something I have much passion for, so i don’t think it will take long to complete. I am interested in d books and audio formats. I’m pleased to be in this network.

  1. I love that stat that you can read faster than you can listen. I’ve never thought of that before! I’m glad I found your site. I do ghostwriting and editing for non-fiction authors and I will definitely keep your company in mind for clients who would like to go the digital book route.

    Lauren Hidden
    The Hidden Helpers
    Ghostwriting and Editing

  2. Diane,

    I love this idea and am also glad I found your site and I am a writer and have a few ebooks that I would love to create an audio book out of as well.

    I will be sure to pass the word around about Sam 101.


    Teresa Morrow
    CEO & Owner
    Key Business Partners
    (website in progress)
    Open Doors of Success & Growth for your Business!

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