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Marietta, Georgia (PR) August 29, 2008 – MedicMinder has been upgrading our site over the past week, sorting, better descriptions, and adding a new RSS reader widget, the “MedicMinder Health Watch”.

This is a customized RSS health newsreader widget. The RSS reader was developed and introduced by Fox Interactive Media in November 2006, it is called SpringWidgets.

With the “MedicMinder Health Watch” you’ll find helpful information regarding medical issues and news, seniors, prescription drug alerts, health insurance, as well as general health related news.

Read multiple health feeds with this one widget. So go grab the widget and put it on your home page or pop it into the desktop launch pad today. (

About The MedicMinder
Simply stated, the MedicMinder is “Trusted by Caring Families.”

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Diane Carter, PR Contact,, Post Office Box 333, Marietta, Georgia 30061, 770-499-0127


MedicMinder Recognizes Caregiver Needs

Marietta, Georgia (PR) August 4, 2008 – The MedicMinder recognizes and supports the work of caregiver across the country. Caregivers are individuals who are giving assistance to family, friends or neighbors due to ill health, chronic conditions and disabilities that are all at a historic level and growing rapidly with an aging population.

The MedicMinder provides peace of mind for all caregivers – the knowledge that all pertinent medical and drug history is documented in one comprehensive, easy to use system. No second-guessing in an emergency – reach for the MedicMinder and be assured that vital and accurate medical and drug information is in reach.

The MedicMinder is a single source record-keeping system for medical and drug history, including contact numbers for doctors, pharmacies, insurance companies, and more.

Marietta, Georgia, like all communities nationwide, is an active caregiving community of family and friends who are scheduling doctors appointments, balancing medications, providing transportation, managing finances, dressing, bathing among other activities.

“50 million family caregivers – family and friends — provide an estimated $306 billion in annual value to the economy,” states the National Alliance of Caregiving.” People in our local community give thousands of hours of their time, their emotional support and kindness to their family, friends and neighbors who need it the most.

About The MedicMinder
We’ve created a proactive approach that emphasizes quick and easy access to medical and drug history. Reducing stress. Simply stated: The MedicMinder is Trusted by Caring Families

Diane Carter, PR Contact,,, Post Office Box 333, Marietta, Georgia 30061, 770-499-0127

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