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Marietta, Georgia (PR) August 11, 2008 – An article posted on the NIH Senior Health site reports that people age 65 and older take more prescription and over-the-counter medicines than any other age group. It is common for these individuals to take multiple drugs daily because they have more long-term, chronic illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

It is also common for one in five people over the age of 65 experiences moderate to severe memory impairment. Making the MedicMinder a perfect companion for tracking their medications. From why they take the medication, in what form they take it (pill, liquid, shot…), the color and shape, the dosage, any special instructions regarding the medication given to them by the subscribing physician and what time a day (am, pm) they take it.

To reduce potential risks and side effects medications must be taken as directed. Organizing medications can be difficult and a struggle for the older population, especially if they take numerous medications each day, at different times, and with different instructions.

The MedicMinder system makes medication management easier and helps to guarantee they are taking medication as directed. The MedicMinder should be kept in a place where it is easy to refer to. Family and caregivers should be made aware that the MedicMinder system is being used and where it is located at all times.

A list of medications is an ideal record to have regardless of whether you need medication reminders or not. The information is important when physicians prescribe new medicine or in any emergency. The MedicMinder is a comprehensive health record-keeping system available at There is a special tabbed section that assists with medication tracking.

Tracking medication is only one part of this dynamic record-keeping system. It is as important to keep track of all health conditions, medications, allergies, past surgeries, financial information, and other items related to health and personal care. The MedicMInder has a tabbed section for all of this and more.

The MedicMinder provides peace of mind – the knowledge that all pertinent medical and drug history is documented in one comprehensive, easy to use system. No second-guessing in an emergency – reach for the MedicMinder and be assured that vital and accurate information is in reach, including contact numbers for doctors, pharmacies, insurance companies, and more.

The MedicMinder is a dynamic way to keep track of personal health records. For further information about the MedicMinder, contact us.

About The MedicMinder
Simply stated, the MedicMinder is “Trusted by Caring Families.”

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