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Yummy. It’s like Christmas when I work with you. Heck, I don’t want the product; I just want the great look you create.
Cheryl Vallejos, CPBA, CPVA, Certified Business Coach and Consultant

“I had the pleasure of working with Diane when it came to the branding of my organization. She provided me a great deal of information combined with many tools which allowed my company to grow. All I can say is, “Diane, thanks so much for your help… you were a great asset in my success!””
Sean Alexander, CEO, Alexander Associates

“Diane Carter is an articulate graphic designer who believes in the power of branding in businesses… Her recently launch Power Branding for businesses concept has taken her business to the next level. You should contact Diane Carter if you are looking to create a powerful branding for your business, nothing is too big or too small for Diane Carter!”
Rima McDonald, CEO, Business Resources Podcasting Directory

“I was fortunate enough to have Diane design my new logo for my coaching business. She listened to my ideas and was able to come up with a wide range of concepts based upon my bio and my work. I was highly impressed by the range of ideas she came up with and the speed of her work. I would definitely recommend her to others.”
Fiona Young-Brown, Coach

“You are just PHENOMENAL!!!!! Diane Carter at is the best graphic artist I’ve ever seen. She does ALL of my graphics, and I won’t go to anyone else.
Penny Haynes, CEO, Encouraging Enterprises, Inc.

Diane from Sam101 did an amazing job in designing a sponsor ad for my company. I am so thrilled with how it came out. It’s perfect! Diane is amazingly creative, extremely professional and provides fantastic service. All of this, AND the turnaround was quicker than I had imagined possible. I will use SAM101 for all of my design needs!
Donna Toothaker, 1st VA

Diane is the epitome of “professional”…skilled, creative, and most importantly, she does what she says she’s going to do.
Renae Bolton,

Diane is one of the most creative and skilled individuals who I’ve ever worked with on my products. She took something that was good and made it great! The quality of her work turns a product into a professional looking document. I am very glad I crossed paths with Diane and would recommend her highly to anyone looking for some professional design work and a highly creative mind.
Cheryl Vallejos, CPBA, CPVA,Certified Business Coach and Consultant

I referred Diane to a client for a branding package. My client was unsure what he wanted in a logo but had a vague idea. Diane was able to take what he though he wanted and turn it into a logo that my client loves! Not only that, it was completely unlike anything we have seen – very unique and original. She gave timetables that she stuck to and put forth more than the 100% in effort we expected. Diane is the epitome of “professional”…skilled, creative, and most importantly, she does what she says she’s going to do. I have since referred her to other clients and will continue to do so!
Renae Bolton,, Lead Management Services

My ebook was beautifully and exquisitely created and designed by our very own Diane Carter from She took my vision and created a lovely masterpiece that I am very proud of. She even put up with some “extra” stuff :). Diane is a true professional and I highly recommend her as she was recommended to me!
Beverly Mahone, Best Selling Author

I learned of Diane and sam101 from a trusted mastermind member of mine. I had written my e-book and companion workbook and was now ready for my revised title and set up for publishing on my web site. I’m a great visionary who can get spread to thin and it was apparent when I started talking with Diane. From the moment I started talking with Diane I was at ease with that southern soothing infectious enthusiasm for my project. She is a great listener, great explorer of options and has a knack for choosing a book cover that reflects what I wanted without knowing what I wanted. On one project she gave me 5 choices for a book cover with the best for last. Diane is and will continue to be a valuable member of my success team and I fully endorse her to be that same valuable success for you.
Pete Schneider, CEO, Discover Your True

“Diane Carter provided superior customer service and held my hand throughout the process [digital publishing]. She reinforced in me confidence in my capabilities as a professional. She possessed an intuitive nature on what would work in the marketplace. As result of Diane’s expertise, I now have a valuable business asset and my first book!”
BJ Parker, President, Public Image Relations, Inc.

“Thanks for the professionalism in your work. You are very pleasant to work with & very fast at what you do. You’re a very talented person. I loved the way my first book came out, then my 2nd — fantastic job! Now we’re on the third. Without your professional talents my book would continue to be put away in the folders where I kept them. Thank you!”
William Sawyers, Children’s Author

“Diane Carter is an exceedingly talented artist! She has the unique ability to run with an idea from start to finish, weaving her magic throughout. I never have to worry about a deadline with Diane, because she delivers long before my projects are due. Her energy is absolutely contagious! “
Darlene Arechederra, Rat Race Remedies

“Diane has designed several digital books for my organization. Each d-book demonstrates Diane’s commitment to the growth of women entrepreneurs and ability to select images that metaphoric represented the nature of the content, as well as the organization.”
Dr. Brenda Nelson-Porter, CEO and Founder, Brigette’s Technology Consulting

“AWESOME! Is the best way that I can explain my partnership with Diane and I have been able to launch my writing career with my first digital book, “Keep Your Customer in Mind”. If you want to add a boost to your business, I would highly suggest that you take the opportunity to invest in yourself. You won’t regret it.”
Kim Beasley, CEO,

“If ambitious, dedicated, and driven are qualities you are seeking, then look no further than Diane Carter. She was instrumental in the concept and design of my first digital book “How to Become a High Performance Organization”. Full of creative energy, she has always strives to make things better and improve what most would say is ok. Diane always had my best interest at heart and never compromised. She was a joy to work with and look forward to doing so again!”

“I want to thank Diane Carter for helping me publish my first digital Book with It was a fun experience and Diane made it easy to accomplish. Now my ideas can be shared with others to help them in their own journeys through life.”
Joe Giaquinto, Teach Me PC.Net

“Prior to meeting Diane, I had never considered creating an digital book, but the process was so simple that I hope to work with her again in the near future to develop another.”
Gina Badalaty, CEO,

“I want you to know that I showed a graphic artist / comic book creator my digital business books site today and he really loved the logo – so I bragged on you some more! It’s so easy to do!!!!”
Penny Haynes, CEO, Encouraging Enterprises, Inc.

Debbie Smith, Entrepreneur

“I have to tell you that you are awesome. You cleared my sales block two-weeks ago. Now I’m stepping up to the plate!
Jerrilynn Thomas, CEO, Virtual Women Chamber of Commerce

“Great sales advice! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!”
Larissa, CEO

“Diane offered some great advice… particularly in the area of persistence. “
Beth Tabak, Business & Life Coach, ABWA

“Diane Carter is a wonderful and fascinating woman with a lot, (and I mean a whole lot) of energy! She’s the type of woman who can start a fire underwater. She’s got that much spark! If she isn’t the person you are looking for, I don’t know anyone more qualified to claim the ‘guru’ title.”
Jair Sweatman, Professional Salesperson, Verizon

“Diane Carter gets the job done. She is full of life and excitement. She impresses me with her creativity. There is no stopping her fireball of energy. “
Mel L. Campbell, Jr., Motivational Speaker/Success Coach

“I used the question digital book titled, “Ask the Questions,” and I feel like I’ve been lifted from a haze. I am much clearer and more focused right now. In fact, it’s propelled me to take on a challenge this weekend that I’d scheduled for much later in the year. So thank you for being willing to share your gifts! It’s been a wonderful experience and I would recommend to anyone that they get in touch with you for a ” ‘splainin’ session” of some kind! :)”
Debra Barnes, Owner,

“Your input about marketing and PR is terrific!”
Penny Sadler, Hair and Makeup Stylist for Television and Print

“I am so happy I am about to burst. Thank you so much for all you do! I just had a call from a new client because of the things you suggested. All I can say is that “nay-sayers” had better go back to chewin’ hay.
Wolf Halton, New York based Professional Photographer

“It is my pleasure to recommend Diane Carter. Diane was an invaluable, key player in maximizing the success of our sales team. She has had a highly successful career in the 3 years I have known and worked with her. Diane was the Program Manager for a $300K program that generated a profitable ROI. Although I have worked with other channel partners before, Diane brought to the table, a level of excellence which we had not experienced prior. She possesses excellent core skills including top line presentation preparation, negotiation acumen, time management and overall organizational skills. She is dependable and has her finger on the pulse of strategic daily operations, without losing her committed focus on big picture goals. The training materials provided by Diane were top quality and provided us with specific key messages to deliver to our customers.”
Brian Thorpe, CEO, Quality Assurance Marketing, Inc.

“Everyone enjoyed your humor and the manner in which you presented your material. The next day they had a trainer from another company and the contrast between the two of you was VERY apparent. The class kept saying how much more informative your session was in comparison! I especially enjoyed the work and sales related examples you used in your presentation. Thank you!”
Valerie, Training Consultant, Verizon

“With your great training we have increased representatives knowledge, customer satisfaction, and sales by 97%. We were excited with results and look forward to continuous success with future trainings such as this.”
Bill, Equipment Marketing, Verizon

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation!!!”
Renee, Training Consultant, Verizon

“Thanks for the terrific training. I really appreciate your enthusiasm — it’s contagious!!”
Jane, Operations Manager Retail Sales, Verizon

“Thank you for your great presentation! You introduced many unique selling points to our reps. I received positive feedback from our team and look forward to scheduling future visits.”
Joe, Trainer, Houston Telesales, Verizon

“Thank you for the information you provide us today, it was very helpful. I appreciate your enthusiasm and passion. It makes a difference!”
Mark, Business Account Executive, Verizon

“Thanks so much, Diane! While I was listening to your training I was sitting in here thinking, Oh… I never thought of that – I bet that would work – How could they say no? – That’s so true! You brought up many good ways to tie customers’ situations to the possible need for a particular accessory! Thank you!!!”
Michelle Rice, Trainer – Folsom Telesales, Verizon

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